*A-Tone is a FDA cleared product. (510(k) number : K131712)

What is A-Tone?

A-TONE overcomes the treatment limitation of the existing IPL machines by applying the PIP system (pulse in pulse system) on the technical grounds of perfect square pulse performances with the instant high peak power. This technique makes to deliver the same energy at the relatively short emission time by using of instant high peak power enhancement and PIP system. By this principle (non-invasive method), the skin damage and pain can be reduced with the high efficiency for the pigment improvement, freckle, and hair-reduction.

The unit of the existing IPL laser is m-sec, but the unit of the A-TONE is micro-sec. It releases the laser in shortest time. So, heat transfer which the light energy absorbed in melanin to the skin cells is decreased significantly and the temperature of melanin targeted rises and is destroyed, but cells around target are protected from heat damage.

In other words, A-TONE is a laser machine based on principle of Selective Photo Thermolysis as laser treatment concept unlike existing IPL.

Face Lifting & Body Slimming & Pain Relief

A-TONE : PIP(Pulse In Pulse) Toning + Premium IPL

A-TONE has two hand-pieces, One is for premium IPL treatment and the other is so called Pulse-In-Pulse hand-piece which is for IPL toning. This PIP(Pulse In Pulse) technology is developed by AMT Engineering and provides an advanced solution for dermatologic treatment.

CC Beam, Optimized Lamp Design

• CC Beam [Collimated & Coherent Beam] • Optimized Lamp Design • PIP(Pulse In Pulse) Technology • Perfect Square Pulse 

• Stable Fluence • Easy Detachable Filters (Double Filter System) • User-Friendly Interface • Power Contact Cooling System


 Very light pigment  Toning   Hair removal   PIH treatment   Melasma   Vascular lesion   Acne


Main characteristics of A-TONE

CC BEAM [Collimated & Coherent Beam] 

A-TONE’s beam emitted from advanced flash lamp is so collimated and coherent that it minimizes beam divergence (diffraction) and increases energy efficiency. It prevents unnecessary energy from arriving at tissue due to relatively low voltage power system. Thus, it assures safe and precise treatments.

Optimized Lamp Design 

A-TONE’s lamp concentrates effective beams and filters damaging beams. It promotes good results and less side effects.

New Trend PIP toning system 

Because it release several short wavelengths (10 PIP pulse in 1ms) during short time with developed PIP system (Pulse In Pulse System), heat transfer which the light energy absorbed in melanin to the skin cells is decreased significantly and the temperature of melanin targeted rises and is destroyed, but near cells are protected from heat damage. Therefore, it is possible to treat melasma without any side-effect.

Get over limited treatment of existing IPL

We made up the efficiency of treatment with upgraded lamp and by using various filters to light pigment, thin hair removal and vascular which was difficult to treat by existing laser or IPL.

Appears a perfect square pulse

We guarantee the great clinical efficacy with an ideal square pulse that the same power energy lasts throughout the pulse duration, and the energy goes down to “0” at the end of the pulse duration.

Fine-tuning of pulse width

Unlike existing machines which raise up the energy (Joule) by adjusting voltage, it is designed to control the energy little by little (single: 0.1ms) by adjusting pulse width carefully. Such tuning allows safe and effective treatment.

Appropriate energy output with low voltage

The energy saved in Capacitor on IPL is marked usually with Joule, and then the energy content is calculated with CV²/2. 

Therefore, the higher the input voltage is, more the energy unit increases. At this time as higher energy makes many side-effects, it is necessary to treat with appropriate energy level. Most of existing IPL machines output excessive energy with “480V~520V” input voltage, but A-TONE is a machine that can make effective treatment with appropriate and safe energy that inputs low voltage “300V~350V”.

No Pain

It is possible to treat easily because of no pain on treatment with strong contact cooling and short duration.

Various Filters

Possible effective treatment with various handpieces and adapters