Company Overview

AMA/Meditime is recognized as a global distributor of advanced medical and aesthetic solutions in the competitive health & skin care market since 2000. We are specialized in high-end laser, ultrasound, RF, IPL systems, and other newest equipment for skin care and medical treatments that incorporate with up-to-date trend and technology. 

We partner with Korea’s top leading manufacturers including WONTECH, AMT Engineering, and ILOODA, and actively distributing to wide ranges of industries such as hospitals, medical offices, acupuncture clinics, aesthetic professionals, and more. 

We value a level of innovation, expertise and customer understanding, and we promise to continuously provide our clients with the highest quality products and excellent customer service.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet the modern world’s demand through supplying innovative and advanced healthcare and aesthetic solutions to our customers and ultimately contribute to help people have healthy and happy life.   

We are committed to our clients - we intend to provide the best possible products and services and anticipate the needs of our customers. Based on this customer understanding and trust, AMA will continually work through the way for leading the industry and aim to be the #1 expert in the field of medical and aesthetic solutions.  


• Body Composition Analyzer

• Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser 

• IPL & PIP Toning

• Micro-Needle Fractional RF

• Diode Laser Hair Removal

• 1927nm BB Laser

• Crystal Multi Meso Injector

• Ultrasound Cavitation

• Multipolar RET RF

• Cooling/Heating Cryo-therapy

• Hydrogen Toning 

• Auto Micro-needle Therapy

• LED Light Therapy

• Plant Stem Cell Cosmetics


• Technical Support

• Repair & Maintanance 

• On-Site Training

• Demonstrations

• Client Brochures & Posters