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What is RFzet Prime?

RFzet Prime is developed using cutting-edge technology of radio frequency system for skin, body, fat, muscle, and fact treatments.  It penetrates heat deep inside body and accelerates fat metabolism to release liquefy fat cells.  This thermal effect stimulates collagen regeneration and skin tightening. 

RFzet Prime maximizes reduction of the fat in the inner organ using RET (Resistive Electric Transfer) method. It generates the heat energy deep inside body, which is equivalent to five time of the average human metabolism.  Internal body temperature rises up to 107-113° F, and this affects the following: expansion of blood vessel, increasing blood stream volume, improving lymph circulation, accelerating fat metabolism, and more. 


Key Features                                     

  • Generates 2.0MHz of RF using RET Method.

  • Monopolar & Bipolar mode treatment.

  • Absolutely no spark, ergonomically designed to maximize safety.

  • Generating heat is sustainable to increase the effectiveness.

  • RF system with 0.3MHz-1MHz is most likely to have sparks due to  its unstable output.

  • RET method shortens the treatment time and reduces labor cost.

  • No side effect.


  • Obesity treatment (visceral fat)

  • Face lifting

  • Reduce wrinkle and stretch mark

  • Eliminate side effect (pain, bruise) from fat-dissolving injection treatment

  • Before/after care for laser treatment

  • Pain treatment (frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis, muscle pain, arthritis, menstrual pain,                                                aftercare for liposuction and plastic surgery)

  • Bipolar / Monopolar Probe