Multi Meso Injection System Venus Injector
Pain Relief / Shortened Injection Time / Prevent Solution Loss
Accurate Solution Control / Accurate Needle Depth Control

Hydro Lifting Multi Meso Injection System

- Reduced pain during treatment

- Advanced Viscoelasticity Solution (Drug)

- Accurate Solution Control [0% Drug Loss]

- Accurate Needle Depth Control [inject 750 points of 1cc]

- Pen Type, Light weight: Easy to control

- Can be use variety viscoelasticity solutions (Drug/Filler)

- Hydro Lifting, Filler, Hydro Toxin, Multi Cocktail, Obesity, and others.


Practical Applications

1. Skin Treatment (Face&Neck)
Hydro Lifting / Meso Cocktail / PRP / Placenta / Vitamin / Peptide

2. Non-Surgical
Filler / Toxing / Dermal Toxin

3. Scalp & Hair Treatment
Meso-Alopecia / Hydro Toxin / Hair & Scalp

4. Obesity Treatment
LLD / PPC / HPL / Multi Cocktail (Drug)

Features / Settings
Injection Mode : Dose, Continuous, Hydro, Obesity, Scalp, Filler, Toxin, User                
Flow Control : Injection Speed Control
Drop Control : 1 time injection control
Syringe : Filler, Toxin, 1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc
Needle : Multi Needle - 5pin 31G, 32G  &  Single Needle - 1Pin 31G, 30G, 27G



Syringe Holder

Needle Stopper0.png

Needle Stopper


After injecting a special drug into the tissue layer


5 Pin needle